Removal Defense Lawyer In Jersey City

If your tourist or student visa has expired, you failed to meet a deadline on your visa application or you unlawfully entered the country, you may be facing deportation and removal. The process can be confusing and unfair. That is where we come in. Our lawyer, Raymond Lo, will travel to immigration courts throughout the country and represent you in your removal defense.

We regularly help aliens or immigrants in the U.S. who have lost their immigration status or are here illegally and face charges from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

If you are have been detained while awaiting a removal hearing, find out more about building your removal defense. Contact us online or call 201-633-8273. Let our experience with and knowledge of the immigration process put your mind at ease.

How We Can Help

If your loved one is out of status or has been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), this can be a frightening and difficult time for immigrant families. For the loved ones, it is very difficult to find out what happened or to locate someone in immigration detention. While you are awaiting your removal trial, you are probably being held at a detention center. We will come to you, explain your rights as a detainee, obtain evidence about the government's allegations against you, and help you prepare your testimony for court. We will also determine whether we can resolve your case through cancellation of removal proceedings.

We handle all types of removal and deportation proceedings:

  • You have been accused of a fake or sham marriage to an American citizen.
  • You entered the country illegally.
  • You entered the country legally, but remained after the expiration of your permit or visa.
  • You have a green card but committed a crime that makes you subject to removal.

For Removal Defense, Contact An Experienced Immigration Attorney

Our office is in Jersey City, New Jersey, and New York City, but we travel to any immigration detention center in the country in response to the government's allegations to prepare your removal defense. For a no-cost consultation, contact us online or call 201-633-8273.