Prosecutorial Discretion Can Benefit Many New Jersey Clients

In situations where you are facing deportation or removal, the prosecutor in charge of your case now has discretion to take your unique circumstances into account when making a decision, if certain criteria are met.

At the Law Offices of Raymond Lo, LLC, our attorney will honestly evaluate your personal situation to determine whether you may be eligible for this new interpretation of U.S. immigration policy. Raymond Lo is the son of first-generation immigrants, so he understands what you are going through.

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Keeping Abreast Of Changes In Immigration Policy

As of June 2011, a new interpretation of immigration policy was implemented by the Obama administration. Our experienced immigration attorney has been closely following the practical applications of the new policy and will answer your questions about how this new policy interpretation may affect you and your family. Some common questions regarding eligibility for prosecutorial discretion include:

Who is eligible for prosecutorial discretion? Minors brought to the United States at a young age, nursing women, individuals with serious health problems or disabilities, people with strong community and family ties (including same-sex marriages), or victims of crime. If these criteria are met, they are weighed against the immigrant or alien's criminal record and immigration history.

If I am eligible for prosecutorial discretion, do I have to continue going to deportation hearings and comply with related court orders? Yes. It is extremely important that you continue to appear in immigration court as requested and comply with court-issued orders, regardless of your potential eligibility for prosecutorial discretion, until the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provides notice.

Am I eligible for prosecutorial discretion if I am not involved in deportation proceedings? No. The policy applies ONLY to individuals who are currently involved in deportation proceedings. It has not been made clear how future cases will be handled.

If prosecutorial discretion is granted, do I automatically have work authorization? Although some people who are granted resident status due to prosecutorial discretion will be able to seek work authorization, there is no guarantee of eligibility.

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