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Helping You Make Your American Dream Come True

Helping You Make Your American Dream Come True

How Does A Foreign Citizen Get A Student Visa?

Foreign students in New Jersey have several steps to complete and articles to gather before they may earn a student visa in the U.S.

The U.S. is often recognized throughout the world for its excellent higher education, and it is not uncommon to find students from other countries attending its universities and colleges. In order to attend a New Jersey school, one must first obtain a student visa. This is a complicated process with several requirements. However, taking the time to prepare for the application and interview may make it a little simpler.

Meet The Criteria For A Student Visa

There are two categories of student visas: F-1 and M-1. For both, foreign people must meet specific qualification criteria, which includes the following:

● The Student and Exchange Visitors Program and Immigration & Customs Enforcement has to accept the education institution in question.

● The applicant is required to enroll in a vocational, language or an educational curriculum.

● Applicants must have full-time status in an academic program.

● The person has to have the funds necessary to fully support herself or himself for the full duration of the program.

● The applicant has to be enrolled in classes designed for English proficiency or already proficient in English.

Besides the above requirements, those applying for a student visa also need a residence abroad that they plan on keeping.

Have The Correct Documents

Much like when applying for a green card, specific articles and documents are necessary for a student visa. Those needed for a visa include a passport that is valid for at least a half year beyond the applicant’s planned stay in the U.S and a nonimmigrant visa application.

Potential foreign students also need to pay a visa application fee and include a photo with their application. Depending on the type of visa being applied for, foreign scholars must have either a certificate of eligibility for nonimmigrant (M-1) student status for vocational students or a certificate of eligibility for nonimmigrant (F-1) student status-for academic and language students.

Complete An Interview

It is at the interview when applicants find out whether they are eligible for a visa and the type of visa they will receive. Besides showing they meet the necessary immigration requirements, interviewees also complete a fingerprint scan. Depending on the results of the interview, additional application processing might be necessary. Applicants who are 13 years and younger or 80 years and older usually do not have to schedule an interview to receive a student visa. Because the waiting period for an interview varies, it is best for applicants to schedule interviews early.

Foreign students in New Jersey who encounter problems or setbacks while applying for a student visa should meet with an experienced lawyer. The right resources, advice and preparation may make the application and approval process much faster and easier.