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Undocumented immigrant taxes and the Earnings Suspense File

In various news reports, we often hear that undocumented immigrants are a drain on taxpayers. However, there is another side to these stories, and it involves payments that end up in the Earnings Suspense File at the Social Security Administration.

Unknown taxpayers

Am I eligible for U.S. citizenship?

Many people seek U.S. citizenship, but the eligibility requirements are specific and not everyone meets them. It is important to understand the basics of who is eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship before you start the process.

There are several paths to obtaining U.S. citizenship. In the following outline, you will learn some factors for eligibility through naturalization and whether you may qualify under this opportunity.

U.S. Supreme Court reprieves DACA

If you are one of the many New Jersey undocumented immigrants enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, you undoubtedly know that DACA was set to expire last month, and you feared what would happen to you when it did. While you may still have some legitimate concerns about your immigration status, DACA did not expire thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Despite heated debate, Congress did not devise a way to extend DACA. Republicans backed a bill including immigration enforcement and border security, while Democrats backed a “DACA-only” bill. The debate became so heated that the federal government shut down in January for three days.

Can I Be Deported If I Have A Green Card?

The short, and unfortunate, answer is: YES. Too many people believe that once they have a green card or have attained Legal Permanent Resident status, they will not face removal proceedings. This is simply not true. While being an LPR does bring with it a certain level of permanence, individuals can still violate certain government regulations and end up facing deportation.

What are the two main ways a green card holder can be removed from the United States?

The USCIS Offers Help To Those Affected By Natural Disasters

More than many recent years, 2017 has suffered its fair share of natural disasters. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) understands that these natural disasters can have devastating implications across all facets of your life. If you or your family has suffered and your immigration status might be negatively impacted, the U.S. government offers immigration services that may help you navigate these unforeseen circumstances.

Can I Fight A Deportation Order?

What Options Do I Have?

The sudden realization that you are facing removal proceedings can be a terrifying experience. Deportation - for any reason - can be frightening no matter how much notice you have. Many people who receive a deportation letter automatically assume that the decision is made - and cannot be changed. The truth is, however, you might have additional legal options at your disposal that could allow you to continue to live and work in the United States.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need An Immigration Attorney

Facing the U.S. immigration process can be a frightening experience - but it doesn't have to be. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the paperwork, document submissions, fees, meetings, examinations and tests. But with an experienced immigration attorney on your side, you can avoid many headaches while moving swiftly through the process.

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