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Choose clothing carefully for your immigration interview

Emigrating from another country to New Jersey or elsewhere in the United States can be an exciting yet stressful experience. Especially, if you have a significant language barrier, you might feel confused or overwhelmed as you try to acclimate to a new culture or workplace.

At some point in your immigration journey, you might be asked to appear at an official interview. Perhaps, you've applied for a green card or you were recently married, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents suspect that your marriage is a fraud. No matter what the reason for your interview happens to be, it's best to be as prepared as possible, including knowing how to dress for the occasion.

What the Supreme Court’s DACA ruling means for you

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an Obama-era immigration policy that defers deportation of individuals who entered the country without permission when they were children. Not only are qualifying individuals temporarily safe from deportation, but they also usually receive work permits.

The Trump Administration rescinded the DACA program by publishing a memorandum on September 5, 2017. In an exciting decision on June 18, 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court determined DHS did not follow federal law when canceling DACA. If you qualify for the program or know someone who does, you should understand what the Supreme Court’s ruling means for you.

Bringing your loved ones to America

Family comes first in our lives, and if you have family members who live in another country, you may wish to bring them to the United States.

Two groups of immigrant visas are available to help you do just that. There is also a visa that applies if you are engaged to a foreign national and want to bring your fiancé to America.

Do you know what to expect at the naturalization ceremony?

If your application for naturalization as a citizen of the United States is approved, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, will schedule you to appear at a naturalization ceremony.

This will be an exciting and meaningful event. Here is what to expect.

Talk to an immigration attorney before accepting a plea deal

If a judge or jury convicts you of certain offenses, you may spend time behind bars. Accepting a plea deal is often an effective way to minimize the potential consequences of a criminal charge. Still, while a plea may help you settle a criminal matter, it may not be good for your immigration status. 

Whether you are a citizen, legal permanent resident, visa holder or undocumented immigrant, you have certain rights under the U.S. Constitution. An important one is the right to legal counsel for many criminal matters. Still, your criminal defense attorney may not understand the intricacies of immigration law. As such, even if you have a criminal lawyer, you likely want to talk to an immigration attorney before accepting a plea deal. 

3 ways in which immigrants do better than U.S.-born citizens

The current political conversation tends to demonize immigrants and refugees for various reasons. Although unsafe people can come from any place, the truth is that most immigrants have an appreciation and respect for America and the opportunities the country brings, as well as a desire to achieve something great with their lives.

This dream has caused immigrants to actually surpass U.S.-born citizens in three areas, showing how foreigners help improve this country.

How to secure a green card

A green card functions as a permit that allows a person from another country to work and live permanently in the United States. A person with a green card has much less to worry about as far as deportation. The card also grants the person more rights and protections. 

There are a few different ways an immigrant can apply for and receive a green card. To unite a family, it is critical to be aware of all options to know what is right for you and your situation. 

Undocumented immigrant taxes and the Earnings Suspense File

In various news reports, we often hear that undocumented immigrants are a drain on taxpayers. However, there is another side to these stories, and it involves payments that end up in the Earnings Suspense File at the Social Security Administration.

Unknown taxpayers

Am I eligible for U.S. citizenship?

Many people seek U.S. citizenship, but the eligibility requirements are specific and not everyone meets them. It is important to understand the basics of who is eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship before you start the process.

There are several paths to obtaining U.S. citizenship. In the following outline, you will learn some factors for eligibility through naturalization and whether you may qualify under this opportunity.

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