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Helping You Make Your American Dream Come True

Helping You Make Your American Dream Come True

The naturalization process for individuals with disabilities

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022

In order to become a naturalized citizen in the United States, applicants must go through a 10-step process. While the process can be lengthy and challenging for most people wanting to become New Jersey residents, it can be impossible for those who face health challenges. Therefore, United States Immigration and Customs Service officials created a special procedure for these individuals. Changes to the paperwork in 2022 made becoming a naturalized citizen easier for people with disabilities.

Modifications to the civics and English requirements

Most applicants must take and answer at least six questions out of 100 possible questions correctly to pass the civics and English portions of the naturalization process. Applicants with disabilities can ask for accommodations that will let them take the test, which requires speaking and writing English easier. They can also fill out special paperwork where a medical provider states they cannot complete this portion of the naturalization process. In other cases, a court-appointed legal guardian can complete this portion of the test for the applicant.

Complete Form N-648

Despite accommodations, some people who want to become naturalized citizens still cannot complete the English and civics part of the process because of their mental, intellectual or developmental disabilities that will last at least 12 months. These individuals can compete or have someone complete a series of nine questions on Form N-648 attesting to the medical reasons they should be exempt from the exam. Medical information must support the claims made on the form.

Oath waiver

At the end of the process, the person who wants to become a naturalized citizen must repeat an oath swearing allegiance to the United States. Applicants in the immigration process who cannot say the oath can submit information from a medical doctor on why they cannot complete this process.

Individuals with disabilities have a special process that they can use to become naturalized citizens. They can also request special accommodation in the 10-step process.