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Helping You Make Your American Dream Come True

Helping You Make Your American Dream Come True

3 ways in which immigrants do better than U.S.-born citizens

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2019

The current political conversation tends to demonize immigrants and refugees for various reasons. Although unsafe people can come from any place, the truth is that most immigrants have an appreciation and respect for America and the opportunities the country brings, as well as a desire to achieve something great with their lives.

This dream has caused immigrants to actually surpass U.S.-born citizens in three areas, showing how foreigners help improve this country.

1. Education

Overall, immigrants have about the same college education rates as U.S.-born citizens and are not far behind in high school graduation rates, reveals data from the Pew Research Center. However, when you look at the numbers based on country of origin, some immigrants far outrank U.S.-born citizens. People from South and East Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Canada and Sub-Saharan Africa all have higher rates of bachelor’s degrees. South Americans tie U.S.-born citizens at 32%.

2. Entrepreneurship

Immigrants are twice as likely as U.S.-born citizens to start their own businesses, and they or their children have founded 40% of Fortune 500 companies, reports NBC News. While necessity may play a role in the decision to be a business owner, it still comes with advantages and can lead to great success.

3. Debt levels

Despite the challenges of immigration or even of entrepreneurship, immigrants actually have lower levels of debt than U.S.-born citizens do. Immigrants use lines of credit less often and instead save up money before making large purchases. Sometimes, they borrow from or buy with loved ones, revealing their strong support system among family and friends. With no interest payments or other fees associated with going into debt, they save money in the long run while still enjoying the benefits of an education, home or business ownership.

You naturally may have worries and fears about immigration, but do not despair. The outlook for U.S. immigrants is very promising and, in some ways, even better than the one for U.S.-born citizens.