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Helping You Make Your American Dream Come True

Helping You Make Your American Dream Come True

What you need to know about E-2 treaty investor visas

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2024

There are several types of business-related immigration visas out there that can be utilized to stimulate business operations and the local economy.

One of the most effective is the E-2 visa. This visa is for treaty investors, meaning those who intend to invest a substantial amount of capital and are from a country that has an economic treaty with the United States.

The individual seeking to come to the United States must also demonstrate that they are seeking entry into the country solely to develop and direct the endeavor in which they’re investing.

Key facts to remember about E-2 visas

Meeting the requirements of an E-2 treaty investor visa can be tricky. Here are some factors to keep in mind as you navigate the process:

  • The investor typically must own at least 50% of the endeavor that’s being invested in or have operational control over the business.
  • The investor has to be active in managing the business so as to have an impact on their investment.
  • An investment in a marginal endeavor, defined as one that even if successful won’t provide you with enough money to live off of, won’t qualify you for E-2 status.
  • The investment must be at-risk, meaning that it can be partially or completely lost if the endeavor fails.

There are other issues that may come up as you seek an E-2 visa, so be sure to read up on the process and ask any follow up questions that you may have, including how an E-2 visa may affect your family’s ability to immigrate.

Don’t try to navigate the complexities of the immigration system on your own

The challenges you can face in the immigration system are extensive. And a seemingly minor mistake while pursuing a business-related visa can leave you without the immigration status that you want. So, be sure to seek out the assistance you might need to acquire the outcome you want. Hopefully then you can take advantage of all that this country has to offer.