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Helping You Make Your American Dream Come True

Helping You Make Your American Dream Come True

Know the rules for an immigrant entrepreneur

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2024

There are special immigration rules for entrepreneurs. Based on the International Entrepreneur Rule – shortened to IER – the Department of Homeland Security can assess the case and decide to let the person stay.

To ensure the process goes smoothly and they have a chance at a positive outcome, it is imperative to understand how to proceed.

When can entrepreneurs pursue their business?

Based on IES, the person can be given the chance to stay if their business is deemed as potentially beneficial to the public. The immigrant would be given “parole” to be able to work for their startup. They can only work in that specific area. Spouses can also apply to work once they have entered the United States If they have children, the children cannot legally work. Every startup can have a maximum of three entrepreneurs allowed to stay based on this rule.

The entrepreneur needs to show that the entity was created in the previous five years and they have substantial ownership in it. It must be assessed as having a good chance to grow and succeed in the United States The person needs to play a fundamental role in it and have credentials to make it work.

Regarding public benefit, it must have one or both of the following: to have garnered investment from credentialed U.S. investors who have a history of gauging and investing in successful businesses; and/or been given awards or grants for its stated purpose. In short, if the business shows the potential to create jobs and grow rapidly, then the entrepreneur could have a chance of approval.

Prospective entrepreneurs can pursue their goals

Entrepreneurs are a key part of the economy and many people have come to the U.S. from other countries to make a substantial contribution and build notable businesses. This is a pathway for people who have an entity, an idea and motivation to succeed to come to the United States legally and try to build their business. Business immigration can be a complicated area of the law. Having advice in this area can be important to achieving the objective of living and working in the United States.