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Helping You Make Your American Dream Come True

Helping You Make Your American Dream Come True

Conquer these challenges in your family immigration case

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024

As you navigate the family immigration system, you’re bound to face several challenges. But that’s OK. You can get out ahead of many of them to protect your interests and ensure that you and your family receive the immigration protection that you want.

That said, you’ll still want to prepare yourself for the road ahead so that you’re not taken by surprise and so that you know what to expect and prepare for as you navigate the process. That’s why in this post we want to look at some of those challenges.

Regardless of what kind of family immigration you’re seeking, there are going to be hurdles that you’ll have to clear. These include:

  • Immigration category and preferences: Those who are pursuing family immigration are subjected to categorical preferences. Spouses, children, and parents usually receive top priority, meaning they can oftentimes get through the immigration process more quickly. More distant relatives, though, are subjected to a lower preference, meaning that fewer visas are available for these individuals. This can delay their processing, causing it to take a while before they can secure their immigration status.
  • An adequate affidavit of support: When sponsored by someone in the United States, someone seeking family immigration must submit an affidavit of support from the individual who plans to financially support them. Additional documentation is often needed to show financial stability, which can be difficult for some people to demonstrate.
  • Criminal record issues: Some criminal convictions can render an individual inadmissible. Although an existing criminal record can be worrisome, you might be able to utilize a waiver or some other legal strategy to minimize the impact a criminal record has on your ability to effectuate family immigration.
  • Documentation problems: Before being allowed into the United States, you might have to submit documentation showing your relationship to the individual located in the United States. Marriage licenses and birth certificates might be simple enough for you to obtain, but in some instances these documents can be challenging to secure.
  • Lack of understanding: The immigration laws in the United States are notoriously complex. If you try to get through the process without fully understanding the law, then you could end up having applications denied, thereby preventing you from reunifying with your loved one.
  • Deportation proceedings: If you’re already in the United States without proper authorization, then you could be subjected to removal proceedings. Although that can be incredibly stressful to think about, you might have strong defense strategies that protect your interests.

As you can see, there’s a lot to contend with when you’re dealing with family immigration. But don’t let that paralyze you with fear. There are steps you can take to protect your interests and your future. You just have to be brave enough to seek out help.

Are you ready to address your family law immigration issues?

If so, then educate yourself on the process as much as you can. Knowledge truly is power in the immigration realm. If you feel like you need help navigating the complexities of your case, then don’t hesitate to seek out any assistance you may need. After all, you’re going to experience a lot of emotions and face some challenges that are going to be difficult to handle on your own. By seeking out the help that you need, you might ease your concerns and maximize your chances of obtaining the outcome that you want.