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Helping You Make Your American Dream Come True

Helping You Make Your American Dream Come True

Options in Business Visas

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023

People interested in immigrating to the United States can do so legally under several different programs. Many of these programs allow companies to bring in employees with specific skill sets to work at their New Jersey corporations.

E1 visas

If the United States government has a commerce treaty with the country where the person was born or is a naturalized citizen, they may be able to enter with an E1 visa. These individuals must be looking to invest money in the United States or be an employee of someone looking to invest. The individual must be here solely to conduct substantial trading activities.

E2 visas

The purpose of allowing E2 visa holders into the United States is so that they can start and build an enterprise. Like E1 visas, the person must be from a country where the United States has a current trade agreement. Furthermore, both E1 and E2 visa holders are limited to staying in the country for two years initially, but the government can extend the visa an unlimited number of times.

L-1 visa

Companies that have locations in the United States can use L-1 visas to bring in key employees. If a corporation does not have a U.S. location, this visa can also bring people in to start one. These individuals fulfill roles in executive offices. Generally, the immigrant must have been working for the company for one continuous year out of the last three years to be eligible.

L-1B visa

An L-1B visa is a type of business immigration that allows corporations to bring in people from foreign countries with specific skills needed by their corporation to start or maintain a business in the United States successfully. People entering the country on an L-1 or L-1B visa can initially enter the country for three years, and these visas can be renewed two times for two years each.

Individuals and corporations looking to bring key people into the United States should consider the different types of visas.