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Helping You Make Your American Dream Come True

Helping You Make Your American Dream Come True

Immigration pathways for foreign entrepreneurs

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2023

Entrepreneurship is one of the engines of the New Jersey economy. These men and women bring millions of dollars into the state’s economy and create products that change the world. Opportunities are also available for entrepreneurs from other countries to gain protected status and share their ideas in the United States. While there are a wide variety of immigration programs for entrepreneurs, they often have many specific requirements that these men and women must take into consideration.

Temporary pathways

Entrepreneurship offers several pathways for immigrants to get temporary protected status. These business immigration pathways are determined by specific letter and number combinations. An entrepreneur can enter the country legally simply by owning a business that meets time and size constraints.

They may be allowed in the country legally if they are trying to start a business, invest in a business from certain countries, or have one of several needed skills. They may also secure temporary residency if they are setting up a new business location in the United States or are part of a specialty field. If the entrepreneur qualifies for one of these pathways, they must reapply at a certain point.

Permanent pathways

For a permanent pathway to immigration for entrepreneurs, the rules are tighter still. Programs involved include the EB-1A and the EB-5 programs. These provide protection for entrepreneurs who can invest a substantial sum of money in a business or have achieved a certain level of acclaim in their particular field.

There are also programs for those who have advanced degrees, remarkable skills, and the unique ability to expand a business into the United States. These areas require years of hard work or substantial amounts of capital. The reward of permanent resident status in the United States is a difficult but certainly achievable goal for any committed international entrepreneur.